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There are a variety of taxes in Indonesia that companies, investors and individuals need to comply with, which makes strategy, structure and planning important. LAWYERINDO comprises of a team of Indonesian tax professionals, with a comprehensive working knowledge of taxes in Indonesia. The team is experienced with high-level tax strategies, corporate structuring and tax planning, as well as day-to-day tax compliance, audits and transaction recording. Through creative and practical solutions, we assist clients of all forms and sizes to minimize the impact of taxes on their business.

We offer specialized services in:

  1. Tax Audit: LAWYERINDO is ready to provide Clients with services related to representation in a series of data collecting activities conducted on principles of objectivity, and professionalism based on certain audit standards to evaluate Clients’ tax compliance.
  2. Tax Planning: LAWYERINDO’s team of experts is ready to assist Clients in making tax plans to allow tax savings in compliance with the tax scheme regulated by laws and regulations and without concerns of arising dispute between Client and the tax authorities.
  3. Tax Management: LAWYERINDO’s tax support professionals are capable of supervising and managing Clients’ tax-related aspects for the purpose of minimizing tax exposure in Clients’ routine transactions, for example, equalization or reconciliation between Clients’ accounting and tax data, and the tax administration system.
  4. Tax Review: LAWYERINDO’s tax experts are ready to help clients in assessing their tax obligations and actions to be taken in fulfilling the obligations, including tax calculation, tax cuts, tax collection, tax deposit, tax settlement, and tax reporting to evaluate Clients’ tax compliance.
  5. Tax Restitution: LAWYERINDO’s tax experts are ready to help Clients in applying tax remittance for excess payment to the government.
  6. Tax Advice & Recommendation: LAWYERINDO’s team of tax professionals will be able to provide Clients with recommendations on issues related to tax based on prevailing laws and regulations.
  7. Tax Objection: LAWYERINDO has the capability to represent Clients to file an objection on certain tax provisions by submitting a written application to the Tax Director.
  8. Tax Registration: LAWYERINDO’s tax support team is always ready to assist clients in applying for a taxpayer registration number to the tax office.
  9. Regulation/Compliance: LAWYERINDO’s tax experts will be able to provide Clients with advice in relation to tax regulation and tax scheme in Indonesia (PPh 21, PPh 23, PPh 4(2), PPn), and assist clients in reporting and maintaining compliance.

Our team has skills and extensive experience in working with individuals and families, providing legal advice on a variety of matters. We maintain communications, discussions and negotiations articulately and efficiently. We are able to structure matters in a manner that is most beneficial to the interest of our clients, resulting in cost savings while maintaining compliance with the law. We offer a full range of private client and property services in:

  1. Trust Establishment & Trust Management
  2. Private Property
  3. Dealing with Disputes Involving Families Related Matter and Estates
  4. Personal Succession & Estate Planning

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