Intellectual Property

LAWYERINDO understands the importance of protecting intellectual property (IP) in today’s highly competitive business environment.

IP refers to the rights that are granted by the authorities to creators for the ownership of their ideas or intellectual activities that have been expressed through creations in the industrial, scientific, literary, artistic, performance fields, which can then be marked in distinctive ways. The rights are divided into two main areas, i.e. (i) industrial property, which includes patents, trademarks, industrial designs, and geographical indications, and (ii) copyright that covers literary works, films, music, artistic works, and architectural designs
We offer a wide range of legal services in relation to IP that include:

• IP Advisory and Consulting
LAWYERINDO provides advisory and consulting to address all of our Clients’ IP related concerns across various areas.

• IPR Registration
LAWYERINDO is ready to assist Clients in registering (national and international) their IP to ensure legal certainty over their patents, trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications, and copyright as well as their licenses.

• IPR Protection
LAWYERINDO is capable in assisting Clients to carry out actions, such as investigation, in relation to the protection of their IP from possible infringements.

• IP Dispute
LAWYERINDO is also capable to provide legal support for Clients when they are facing disputes against other parties in relation to their IP.

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