Debt & Asset Recovery

LAWYERINDO recognizes that Clients’ objective includes maximizing their debt and asset recoveries. This maximized return can be achieved with the appropriate steps. LAWYERINDO’s debt recovery team offers comprehensive services in all areas of commercial and consumer debt recovery. Our procedures are focused on streamlining all recoveries as quickly as possible in order to maximize financial recovery for our clients. We also provide third-party Non Performing Loan Management and Resolution services for banking companies. Our service is designed to assist clients from early stages of collection to more advanced stages:

Debt Recovery

  1. Debt Collection
  2. Debt and Asset Recovery Litigation
  3. Litigation

NPL Management

  1. Contract Enforcement Service
  2. Collateral Management
  3. Investigation

We have represented banks, financial institutions, debt collection agencies among others, and we also act for clients in the real estate, construction and service sectors, which includes legal, accountancy, surveying and architectural firms. We will provide pragmatic advice on the best methods to resolve complex problems and the correct procedures to achieve the objectives of our Clients.

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