Court Monitoring & Legal Support

The presence of a court monitor can have positive effect on court proceedings. LAWYERINDO understands that it is important to monitor the implementation of law through court monitoring in order to improve transparency and ensure the fulfillment of our clients’ rights. LAWYERINDO’s court monitoring and support team has skills and extensive experience in assisting various court monitoring services. We are able to provide precise and reliable updates with excellent value-added services for our clients. We offer specialized services in:

  1. Court Documents Searches
  2. Court Monitoring Assistance
  3. Court Searches

Our team has skills and experience in working with any kind of client, from a wide range of top-performing sectors. We provide legal services on a variety of matters.

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ICT (Information and Communications Technology), Media, and Entertainment


Intellectual Property


Compliance, Investigation & Government Affairs

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Debt & Asset Recovery


Medical & Healthcare


Tax & Private Client