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Anti-Fraud and Corruption


Organizational corruption is not a question is a management problem, and primarily a consequence of weak governance.  Despite training and sensitization being an organization’s first line of defense, there is a tendency to overlook the more important ‘softer’ controls, in favor of the less effective but easier to implement ‘harder’ controls.

It’s more effective to prevent corruption than it is to detect it after the fact.  Staff training and sensitization workshops are the key to corruption prevention.  We balance a pragmatic training approach with addressing key aspects of a regulatory environment. Our knowledge is built on our experience with developing and carrying out a number of global anti-corruption training and sensitization workshops, our hands-on practical knowledge of fraud and corruption, and an extensive knowledge of international regulatory environments.

By implementing an effective fraud awareness program, management can harness the efforts of the full staff in its anti-fraud activities and can significantly reduce the cost of fraud within the organization. The following are important considerations that must be addressed when designing an employee anti-fraud training program to ensure its effectiveness.