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  Tuesday, 9 Oct 2018
Training On International Sales And Shipping Law

Lawyerindo Legal Support Centre will be holding a training regarding “International Sales and Shipping Law” on 30 October 2018.

The speaker of the training will be Professor Patrick Moore Talbot. Mr. Talbot is the Director of Training of Lawyerindo. He is licensed to practice law in Miami, and he has taught in several international law schools and faculties, including full-time in Korea, and Indonesia. He is also a visiting lecturer in Cambodia and Romanian Schools, Read more

  Tuesday, 4 Sep 2018
Application of Recently Issued eCourt Regulation

Authors: Dimas Agung Hendarto, Geraldi Januarius & Aprillivan Partogi

The Supreme Court of Indonesia continues to move quickly to reform the effective and efficient justice system by implementing information technology in the justice system. The Head of the Supreme Court officially announced the electronic case administration in the court, (then called e-Court) on 13th July with the issuance of Supreme Court Regulation Number 3 of 2018 (“Perma No. 3/2018”) regarding Electronic Case Administration (“E-Court”). Read more