LAWYERINDO was established on 8 July 2014. LAWYERINDO consists of experienced business and legal support professionals. We specialize in and provide first class on-demand business advisory and legal support services

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ICT (Information and Communications Technology), Media, and Entertainment

We understand that the rapid pace of current digital and technology world continues to develop and bring impact to the business sector and our society, particularly in the field of ICT, media, and entertainment.

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Intellectual Property

LAWYERINDO offer comprehensive services in all areas including media and entertainment. We provide advice for media, entertainment, and communication companies.

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Compliance, Investigation & Government Affairs

LAWYERINDO team has the requisite forensic skills and experience in identifying and gathering the facts and evidences required to help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Debt & Asset Recovery

LAWYERINDO recognizes that Clients objective includes maximizing their debt and asset recoveries. This maximized return can be achieved with the appropriate steps.

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Court Monitoring & Legal Support

LAWYERINDO team has skills and extensive experience in assisting various court monitoring services. It is important to monitor the implementation of law through court monitoring in order to improve transparency and ensure the fulfillment of our clients rights

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Tax & Private Client

LAWYERINDO comprises of a team of Indonesian tax professionals, with a comprehensive working knowledge of taxes in Indonesia. The team is experienced with high-level tax strategies, corporate structuring and tax planning.

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