Highlight Getting Ready for Personal Data Protection Act: Thailand and Indonesian Legal Perspectives

Lawyerindo has successfully hosted a webinar together with Veritas Law Thailand on 29 June 2020.

We appreciate all the speakers, moderator, contributors, as well as the participants who have taken part in this event.

We will definitely host a continuation webinar in the near future, stay tuned for the updates from our website and social media channels!

For all the participants who have joined, please fill out our questionnaire as sent through email and we will be sending you the Certificate of Participation for the respective webinar.

We hope to see you in our next events!

Crossroads: The Right Legal Path with Inadequate Information

Lawyerindo is proud to announce that our own Deputy Legal Manager, Farah Purwaningrum will be one of the speakers for the annual FIRE Asia event.

FIRE Asia 2020 is organized by Thought Leaders 4 and will be held virtually. It will drill down into the key Asset Recovery issues across the region with 27 speakers from countries across Asia.

For bookings and more information about the event, please visit

Legal Alert - Utilization of Electronic Systems for Tax Incentives amidst COVID-19 Outbreak: Issuance of the Ministry of Finance Regulation No. 48/PMK.03/2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indonesian economy must face downturns. The Indonesian Ministry of Finance came up with strategies to deal with this issue, one of them is to tax digital companies with electronic transaction tax with the Issuance of the Ministry of Finance Regulation No. 48/PMK.03/2020.

Lawyerindo’s Counsels, Osti Meiliana and Yason Ferdinanta Tarigan, explained about this newly-issued Regulation in this Legal Alert.


Legal Alert - Coronavirus Public Health Emergency in Indonesia & Heading to the New Normal

New Normal is not new news. However, there are new adjustments that we need to get used to. For instance, we are introduced to new Health Protocols everyone must comply with on any occasion.

Our Deputy Legal Manager, Farah Purwaningrum, and team, have published a Legal Alert concerning this issue.

Find out more on :

Legal Alert - Aftermath of Tokopedia Data Breach: Updates on Regulation for Local and Foreign E-Commerce Players from the Ministry of Trade in Indonesia

Earlier this year, one of Indonesia's leading e-commerce platform, Tokopedia, stumbled on the issue of data breach. Millions of accounts were violated, and the public was alarmed. This issue has raised awareness for both the public and the government. Hence, the Indonesian Ministry of Trade issued Regulation No. 50 of 2020 on the Requirements regarding Business Licensing, Advertising, Development, and Supervision of Businesses in Commerce through the Electronic Systems.

Find out more about this new enacted law on this Legal Alert that Lawyerindo's own Deputy Legal Manager, Farah Purwaningrum, co-wrote with Lawyerindo's Counsel, Yason Ferdinanta Tarigan on

Furthermore, Lawyerindo will be hosting a webinar in regard to personal data protection, alongside Lawyerindo's strategic partner, Veritas Law Thailand on 29 June 2020, at 1:00 pm (GMT +7).

Getting Ready for Personal Data Protection Act: Thailand and Indonesian Legal Perspectives

Lawyerindo proudly presents "Getting Ready for Personal Data Protection Act: Thailand and Indonesian Legal Perspectives"!

Together with our good affiliate, Budidjaja International Lawyer's Strategic Partner, Veritas Law Thailand, Lawyerindo will be hosting a webinar on 29 June 2020, at 1:00 pm (GMT +7).

As the issue of collection, use, and disclosure of personal data has been widespread to the public's awareness, it is wise to be informed about how to be prepared for this matter.

This webinar will provide comparative observation and analysis from Thailand and Indonesian Legal Perspectives by a Senior Lecturer at Bhayangkara University, Awaludin Marwan, with the Managing Partner of Veritas Law Thailand, Ruengrit Pooprasert, Professor of Law at Faculty of Law University of Malaya, Abu Bakar Munir, and moderated by Lawyerindo's own Deputy Legal Manager, Farah Purwaningrum.

This webinar will be conducted in English.
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We will see you there!

Webinar Pros & Cons on WHO’s Strategy in Dealing with COVID-19 in Indonesia

We proudly announce that Lawyerindo will host a Legal Business Law Series Webinar on “Pros & Cons on WHO’s Strategy in Dealing with COVID-19 in Indonesia” on Wednesday, 20 May 2020 from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Jakarta time (GMT+7).

Deputy Legal Manager, Farah Purwaningrum, moderated by Counsel, Yason Ferdinanta Tarigan, will discuss the current strategy and rules ascribed by WHO in dealing with the COVID-19 in Indonesia. By rules, we focus on international health regulations, norms, and statements of the WHO that are applicable in the Indonesian context.

Register to this link: or WA Annisa at +62 857-1511-6867 / email to:
Seats are limited!


Lawyerindo and Prawira are pleased to announce they have entered into strategic partnership, combining Lawyerindo’s leading legal support services with Prawira’s tech-savvy and expertise in developing mobile application development platform, to further fulfilling Indonesia’s emerging market’s demand of next-gen technology services.

Jakarta, 16 April 2020 – Lawyerindo Legal Support Center (“Lawyerindo”), a leading legal support services provider in Indonesia today announced a broad partnership with PT Prawira Bahagia Selalu (“Prawira”) that enhances Lawyerindo’s position as a new player in Indonesia’s legal technology industry with the launch and development of legal marketplace app called ‘HeyLaw’. The new partnership is expected to spark innovation and additional development in all Lawyerindo’s business lines and all its affiliations.

The partnership is a strong strategic fit, leveraging the two influential companies’ respective strengths across the main areas of legal services, legal support services, and legal technology.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business, both companies recognize that they need to accelerate the development of digital solutions to ensure they remain on the competitive vanguard. Lawyerindo-Prawira partnership brings together deep skills in business and technology strategy, product ideation, technology development and deployment, and organizational change management to help support clients and Indonesian market through successful transformations.

“Lawyerindo and Prawira’s partnership is a powerful combination. Lawyerindo’s expertise in legal support services provider and Prawira’s understanding of complex digital product interactions, its deep engineering expertise, is uniquely complimentary to how this partnership would work. We believe this helps to generate industry leading technology products and platforms,” said Tony Budidjaja, Lawyerindo’s President Director who is also the Managing Partner of Budidjaja International Lawyers. “Partnering with Prawira to deliver transformation for our clients will allow us to provide the very best business and portfolio strategies on which we’ll conceive, design, and build the next generation of transformative enterprise and digital products and platforms.”

“Together, working as one team, we will unlock the full potential of digital transformations and place Indonesia as the digital hub of Asia and on the best path for success in the new digital legal and business landscape,” said Awaluddin Marwan, co-founder of Prawira.

Through the legal marketplace app ‘HeyLaw’, Lawyerindo are now able to provide affordable, easy-to-access online tools to manage your everyday legal support needs. When and if necessary, a consultation with Lawyerindo counsels and paralegals can be arranged via HeyLaw. The collaboration represents a step-change in the way both companies address the needs of the market.

For more information on this partnership/interview request, please contact:

About Lawyerindo
Lawyerindo was established on 8 July 2014 to be the first and leading legal support services provider in Indonesia. Lawyerindo consists of experienced legal support professionals and specializes in providing first-class on-demand legal support services. Lawyerindo is the one-stop-shop platform for all necessary legal support for businesses which offers a wide variety of solutions for businesses, including online professional services more than what is normally offered by a conventional law firm.

To learn more about Lawyerindo, please visit:

About HeyLaw
HeyLaw is a legal services marketplace app through Android, iOS, and soon web-based app platform which is available to the Indonesian market since 2020. To learn more about HeyLaw, please visit:


Lawyerindo telah menandatangani perjanjian kerjasama dengan PT Prawira Bahagia Selalu sebagai langkah awal Lawyerindo untuk menjadi new Indonesian legal tech company lewat pengembangan aplikasi mobile yeng terintegrasi.

Jakarta, 16 April 2020 – Lawyerindo Legal Support Center (“Lawyerindo”), salah satu penyedia layanan legal support services terkemuka di Indonesia memiliki rencana untuk menjadi perusahaan berbasis hukum dengan format digital yang pertama di Indonesia. Oleh karena itu, sebagai langkah awal, Lawyerindo menjalin kerjasama dengan PT Prawira Bahagia Selalu (“Prawira”), sebuah perusahaan konsultansi hukum dan teknologi digital, untuk mengembangkan platform digital mobile application yang terintegrasi bernama ‘HeyLaw’.

Kerjasama kedua perusahaan ditandai dengan penandatanganan Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) yang dilakukan oleh Tony Budidjaja, President Director Lawyerindo dan Awaludin Marwan, salah satu co-founder Prawira pada hari ini tanggal 16 April 2020. Kerjasama ini akan mengoptimalkan seluruh area layanan hukum conventional menjadi pengembangan aplikasi digital yang dapat menunjang seluruh kebutuhan market masyarakat Indonesia.

Kedua perusahaan menyadari bahwa teknologi memegang peranan penting dalam dunia bisnis di abad 21 ini. Oleh karena itu, dibutuhkan sinergi dan inovasi yang berkesinambungan untuk bisa terus kompetitif dan relevan terhadap perkembangan zaman. Kerjasama antara Lawyerindo dan Prawira menyatukan expertise dari berbagai macam aspek dunia hukum dan teknologi sehingga bisa menciptakan ide produk, pengembangan, dan kemudahan teknologi untuk tetap kompetitif bersaing di pasar.

Tony Budidjaja, President Director Lawyerindo yang juga merupakan Managing Partner Budidjaja International Lawyers mengungkapkan, “Kerjasama dan kolaborasi antara Lawyerindo dan Prawira merupakan kombinasi yang saling melengkapi. Keahlian dan pengalaman Lawyerindo sebagai penyedia layanan legal support services dan kompetensi dan keahlian Prawira mengenai industry hukum digital adalah faktor khusus yang akan membuat kerjasama ini saling menguntungkan. Bersama dengan Prawira, kami akan memberikan transformasi bagi klien dalam memberikan pelayanan jasa hukum digital pertama di Indonesia yang belum pernah dilakukan sebelumnya.”

Melalui digital mobile application terintegrasi ‘HeyLaw’, Lawyerindo kini dapat menyediakan jasa layanan hukum terjangkau yang mudah diakses untuk seluruh masyarakat. Jika dibutuhkan, maka konsultasi dengan Lawyerindo’s counsels dan paralegal juga bisa dilakukan melalui aplikasi HeyLaw.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut/pertanyaan bisa dikirimkan melalui email:

Tentang Lawyerindo
Lawyerindo didirikan pada tanggal 8 Juli 2014 dengan tujuan untuk menjadi penyedia layanan legal support services pertama dan terkemuka di Indonesia. Lawyerindo terdiri dari para legal support profesional yang berpengalaman dan spesialis dalam menyediakan layanan on-demand legal support services dengan kualitas terbaik. Lawyerindo adalah platform satu pintu untuk menyediakan semua layanan pendukung dari hukum dan bisnis, termasuk berbagai solusi dan layanan online, yang lebih fleksibel daripada yang biasanya ditawarkan oleh firma hukum konvensional.

Informasi lebih lanjut tentang Lawyerindo:

Tentang HeyLaw
HeyLaw adalah layanan hukum digital mobile application yang mengintegrasikan beberapa layanan hukum ke dalam sebuah legal marketplace, tersedia di Android, iOS, dan web-based platform.

Informasi lebih lanjut tentang HeyLaw:

Indonesian Cyber Law Forum (ICLF 27 Februari 2020)

Sebagaimana kita ketahui, Rancangan Undang-Undang Keamanan dan Ketahanan Siber (RUU KKS) telah dimasukkan ke dalam Progam Legislasi Nasional Tahun 2020. Materi muatan dalam rancangan tersebut sempat menuai pro dan kontra di dalam masyarakat. Oleh karena itu, untuk memberikan ruang diskusi serta pemahaman bagi masyarakat terkait dengan RUU KKS, Lawyerindo Legal Support Centre berencana untuk menyelenggarakan Forum Diskusi - Indonesian Cyber Law Forum (ICLF).

Dengan ini, kami harapkan kehadiran saudara/i pada Kamis, 27 Februari 2020, Pukul 13.00 - selesai di Trust Bar Building.

Pembicara dalam ICLF ini adalah:

Ardi Sutedja K
Ketua - Indonesian Cyber Security Forum (Praktisi)

Brigjen Pol Rachmat Wibowo
Direktur - Direktorat Tindak Pidana Siber Bareskrim Mabes Polri (Penegak Hukum)

Awaludin Marwan
Dosen = Hukum Siber Universitas Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya (Akademisi)

Letjen TNI (Purn) Hinsa Siburan
Kepala - Badan Siber dan Sandi Negara (Stakeholder Keamanan Siber)

Bobby Adhityo Rizaldi
Anggota Komisi I - Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Republik Indonesia (Legislator)



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