LAWYERINDO was established on 8 July 2014 to be the first and leading legal support services provider in Indonesia. LAWYERINDO consists of experienced legal support professionals. We specialize in  providing first-class on-demand legal support services.

LAWYERINDO is the one-stop-shop platform for all necessary legal support for businesses. LAWYERINDO is not a law firm and not all LAWYERINDO members are lawyers.

LAWYERINDO offers a wide variety of solutions for businesses, including online professional services more than what is normally offered by a conventional law firm.



LAWYERINDO professionals are committed to rendering client-oriented, high-standard services with the values of excellence, integrity, and reliability.

  • Excellence

We strive to seek optimal solutions for our clients. We align our actions with the best interest of our clients and invest time in understanding their business objectives in order to provide them with timely, efficient, and practical advice. We strive to deliver value that exceeds our client’s expectations by working with them as part of an integrated team. We believe that the exceptional expertise our professionals display and the standard of excellence that we hold ourselves to are at the core of our services.

  • Integrity

We deal honestly, openly and professionally with our clients and with each other. Our dedication to integrity is fundamental to our strength as a premium service provider and in upholding the reputation of our clients.

  • Reliability

We provide full assurance that our clients will receive quality and timely service and consistent levels of professionalism The interest of our clients is our top priority.



We operate as a standalone one-stop-shop for all necessary legal support services in Indonesia. We offer a range of legal support services to businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Our legal support services cover the whole lifecycle of a business, starting from establishment, development and growth, through to a dissolution or retirement of the stakeholders owning the business.

We always strive to identify the key areas of a business where business support services can make a significant difference. We are covering more and more services designed by and for the clients. Our principal objective is to improve and enhance any business that we are asked to assist by providing legal business solutions to help the client meet the challenges of doing business in a global economy.

Fees & Cost Efficiency

We understand that in this competitive market, our clients want value for money when it comes to professional services. Our overriding goal is to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the quality of our services.





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